Network cabling is the heart of any business network

Network cabling often taken for granted because it is out of sight, but structured cabling can have a dramatic effect on the speeds at which critical data is transferred between devices connected to your network.

Businesses only tend to review their cabling requirements when they move and renovate office or add new users but this is one area of your network that can difficult to manage if it is not reviewed on a regular basis.

Mercury Systems will always look to use data cabinets with cable management systems and clear labelling to prevent a tangle of connections, which become difficult to troubleshoot in the case of a problem or when moves and changes are required.

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Category 6 and fibre

We install, manage all types of cabling including cat6 and fibre.

Structured cabling systems

Our experts will implement a planned approach to installing cable infrastructure in your office.

Cable management solutions

We like to keep cabling tidy and organised so it does not become difficult to troubleshoot in the case of a problem.

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